Meet local man Bob Duggin. We consider Bob a bit of a legend round our more

Bushfire at Cooltong Conservation Park frame

This summer and the complexities of fruit growing have kept us on our more


Months ago now, we had a request to host an agricultural student for a 12 week internship.  The student studied in Toulouse but was from Bordeaux, France. She wanted to work on an organic fruit tree farm somewhere in Australia.  Fat Goose Fruits fitted the more

Spring Blossom frame

Spring is well and truly here. Ever since the first almond blossom emerged way back in July on the ancient trees that surround our 'Home Block', our thoughts have turned to the coming season. All the things that need doing. A bit of a worry really! more

08 Aug


Welcome to our 'What's Happening' page and thank you for stopping to read. We've wondered and wondered for way too long about what to write for our very first blog, leaving all our family and friends wondering what we've been up to. Farmers are the quiet retiring types aren't they? The observers rather than the fast talkers. Well it could possibly be true here in our neck of the more