08 Aug


08 Aug, 2013 Updates

Welcome to our ‘What’s Happening’ page and thank you for stopping to read. We’ve wondered and wondered for way too long about what to write for our very first blog, leaving all our family and friends wondering what we’ve been up to. Farmers are the quiet retiring types aren’t they? The observers rather than the fast talkers. Well it could possibly be true here in our neck of the woods.

We’ve decided that the very first blog will be one where we take the opportunity of your undivided attention to say a heartfelt thanks to Sally Sanders from Arkeva Creative for guiding us on our journey of website development, Anna Butler from Copybreak for introducing us to SME’s and focused literation, Italo Vardaro from Vardaro Studios for continued generosity, creative enthusiasm and stunning photographs, Emma Kate Codrington from EmmaKateCreative for some rainbow inspiration and photos too.

Thank you to Steve, Henry and Laurence (our three farmers’ marketeers) for all the early mornings and love of the Farmers’ Market scene and also the friends who have agonised with us over breakfast, lunch and dinner about changing our logo. Don’t worry, we love the new logo and the geese are still very much a part of our production.

Stay tuned …our next blog will introduce you to our French agricultural intern Amandine all the way from Bordeaux.

We’ll also let you know about what’s in store for spring.