01 Sep

They just keep on going!

01 Sep, 2014 Updates

Meet local man Bob Duggin. We consider Bob a bit of a legend round our way.In 1954 at the tender age of 15 he started his mechanics apprenticeship with Reidel Motors working on Ferguson tractors and then later working on the more modern Massey Ferguson series, becoming a gifted and diligent mechanic through and through. Although now retired, he can still be called upon to come around and offer some instruction and advice when things get a little desperate!

Bob and Humphrey
When I was a small boy in the 1960s and early 1970s, every ‘blockie’ (local term for fruit grower) either had a David Brown tractor or a Ferguson/Massey Ferguson. Oh yes, ha hum, there was also the occasional Ford.
Fierce debate would break out in the school yard among the ‘all knowing’ sons as to what was the ‘better’ tractor.  A bit akin to the rivalry between Holden’s, Valiant’s or Falcon’s. I’m not sure that any of those debates were satisfactorily resolved on the day but history has revealed that there are countless and treasured Ferguson/Massey Ferguson’s still doing their daily tasks of towing, mowing, spraying, carting, etc, etc…whereas the David Brown…well, you need to scratch around to find one really.
Bob and the Fergies
We have three of these remarkable, robust and versatile ‘beasts of burden’; a 1957 petrol Ferguson (originally painted gold and grey, now a faded red), a ’65 and a ’69 diesel Massey Ferguson 135. The ’69 has done at least 20,000 hours, perhaps closer to 25,000 hours (the meter stopped working back in 1988 with about 10,000 hours on the clock). Dad purchased the latter two brand new, after a couple of good years. Bob has been maintaining them ever since. Yes, we now have a shiny green and gold John Deere but our favourites (yes they are favourites) are the ones with ‘history’, a bit like Bob!
FG March 14 0004
Thank you Italo Vardaro for taking such great shots of Bob