Spring Blossom frame
10 Sep

Spring is well and truly here

10 Sep, 2013 Updates

Spring is well and truly here.  Ever since the first almond blossom emerged way back in July on the ancient trees that surround our ‘Home Block’, our thoughts have turned to the coming season.  All the things that need doing.  A bit of a worry really!

Does the irrigation system need attention?  Are the trees adequately supplied with nutrients to face the onslaught of a heavy flowering?  Are we ready to control the various species of groundcover plants (i.e. weeds!)  A busy time.

Fortunately daylight starts earlier to give us more time to get things done.  Woken at 5.30am by butcherbirds, honeyeaters, wattlebirds, willie wagtails and of course the bloody rooster, we have little chance of sleeping in.  Still, mostly the birds are a joy.  We have had several newcomers to our property this year.  Striated pardalotes have begun to appear at our back door.  A multitude of black kites hung around down the road for over a month (a retired commercial worm patch) and a solitary grey currawong has a nest in the copse of native trees within the orchard on the ‘New Block’.

Spring also brings us a good crop of Hass Avocados, Murcott and Kara Mandarins, while still picking lemons and grapefruit.  Wild asparagus is beginning to appear around the property.  The veggie patch does well with great quantities of peas and broad beans.  The fig tree is forming little green fruitlets as fast as it is developing leaves and our solitary pineapple quince tree gives us a lovely flush of white flowers with delicate pale green leaves.

The wildly changeable weather is hard to comprehend, with frosty nights followed soon after by hot northerly winds gusting up to 85 kph.  Yesterdays wind dropped bags of avocados onto the ground, giveaways now …Spring is never boring.