This scrumptious orange has a ‘navel’ so you can differentiate it from the Valencia. It’s a seedless winter orange which is easy to peel and segment. Fresh Navel orange juice is beautiful but you must drink the juice from the Navel orange fairly soon after juicing particularly early in the season otherwise it can tend to go a little bitter. Eat with your fingers. No need for a knife.

Leng Navel Orange

These are the first Navels we pick when winter arrives. Thin skinned and pale orange in colour, Leng Navels are extremely juicy, although they’re quite delicate and can split easily. We love them though and have resisted replanting with other varieties.

Washington Navel Orange

The Washington Navel oranges are extremely juicy with a thick, deep orange rind which is easy to peel. These follow the Leng Navels and are delicious eating. They are a variety you’re possibly more familiar with.

Late Lane Navel Orange

Slightly paler in colour than the Washington, the Late Lane Navel orange arrives in good time to follow the Washingtons and extend the Navel season that little bit longer.

Chislett Summer Navel

Extending the Navel season even into October and November, this relatively recent addition has a deep orange colour similar to a Washington with a thinner skin and heaps of delicious juice.