Our beginnings frame

From fat geese…

Amongst our 23 hectares of citrus trees roam our very happy flock of geese. Aside from being part of the Fat Goose Fruits family, these happy little fellows are part of our permaculture system… gobbling up weeds and indulging on fruit which doesn’t make the grade.

No two guesses where the name ‘Fat Goose Fruits’ comes from!

… and bootleggers…

Based in Renmark, South Australia, the land on which the Fat Goose Fruits orchards grow have been part of Humphrey Howie’s family for more than a century. In fact Humphrey’s great grandfather, James Clarke, has been credited with bringing the first Sultana grape to Renmark (he was also proprietor of one of the 22 sly grog shops in the then ‘prohibition’ town).

Humphrey’s grandfather, Herbert Howie, was a pioneer of the Australian Dried Fruit industry and Chairman of its governing body for 30 years. And Jim Howie, Humphrey’s father, was a fruit-grower for 60 years and recreational lover of the river and surrounds. He first planted citrus on the existing property in 1948.

…to a greener, cleaner future.

In 1988, we returned to Renmark to live, bringing with us an insatiable curiosity for agriculture and nature (and a few mad ideas to boot!)

Since 1994, and with generations of family horticultural farming behind us, we’ve been converting the original, conventionally-managed orchards to ‘certified organic’ using more natural, integrated systems of growing fruit.

We believe in doing what we can to enhance our environment, while supporting the community and providing a quality product to the marketplace.

You can find out more about us (Humphrey Howie and Michelle Medhurst), the Fat Goose Fruits team, and our fat little geese here.