Oranges organic farming frame

Just like us, you’ll have your own reasons for choosing organic.

You may be concerned about:

  • the impact of industrial chemicals on  your health;
  • the environmental footprint of the food you purchase;
  • the implications of genetic modification on the food we consume;
  • the volume of food wasted because it doesn’t meet supermarket aesthetics;
  • or, maybe you just prefer the flavours and textures of organically grown produce.

These are some of the reasons we chose to implement organic horticultural practices in the Fat Goose Fruits orchards, but there are even more good reasons to grow organically.

Benefits of Growing Organic Produce

Promotion of Biodiversity

By encouraging insects back into the horticultural environment (both pests and beneficial), this in turn encourages the return of other animals and native predators such as birds and lizards – all living and interacting in a natural environment.

Celebrating the Culture of Agriculture

This involves embracing the heritage of farming and forging a connection between the food we eat and the earth it has sprung from. It’s about understanding the cycle of life and enjoying foods when they’re in season and at their natural best.

Supporting the Local Economy

Organic farms are generally smaller than conventional operations. They tend to be run by local families who have vested interests in the economic sustainability of their region, with profits from their business being reinvested back into the local community.

Of course, there are many other wonderful benefits to be had from growing organically, but these are some of the most important to us.

To find out where you can purchase Fat Goose Fruits, certified organic fruit, be sure to check out our Where to Buy page.