Organic produce doesn’t have to be the ugly duckling on the shelf. When our produce leaves the packing shed, the fruit is fresh, sound, bright and tasty.  The fruit is packed on the day it’s picked, or the next.

How our fruit is graded

Our delicious, certified organic citrus fruit is packaged into 3 grades, depending on what our customers are looking for.

First Grade

Our first grade fruit is fresh, beautiful, glamorous and blemish-free. We simply run the fruit over soft rollers (a process called dry-brushing). There are no fungicidal washes or wax coatings, instead, the gentle brushing process brings out a delicate, natural shine – just the way nature intended.

It’s fruit that will be proudly displayed for individual sale at markets and food stores across the country.

Second Grade

This fruit is fresh, tasty, nutritious, and sound – just like our first grade fruit, but will carry some marks from its season on the tree. Its life experience, so to speak!

We like to think of these as its tattoos, and each tattoo tells a story of its life during the season… a brush against a branch during a windy moment in its youth, a skirmish with an insect, or any other memorable event!

Our second grade fruit is packaged for sale into 3kg net bags, or cartons, depending on the quantities required. Often first grade fruit is mixed in as well, because we pick and pack to meet the order. And while the exterior of the fruit may be slightly less than perfect, the internal quality will be great.

Juicing Fruit

The fruit that is too small, or too big, or has too many marks, or is a funny shape (we love these ones) is what we use for making our Fat Fruit Joose or sell as juicing fruit.

The internal quality is still first grade, even if the outside isn’t pretty. Sometimes you can get lucky and snag some first and second grade fruit in our juicing fruit, simply because we don’t want to waste anything.

This fruit will leave our shed checked completely for splitting or damage to make sure it is of sound quality. It will be great for making juice … or peeling and simply eating! That’s why citrus is so great – it comes pre-packaged. All you need do is peel it and enjoy!

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